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and they are all thoroughly designed to enable us to use
fewer natural resources in our operations and products,”
Picchio says.
Events - International Paint Congress to
Provide an Opportunity to Learn About
Technological Innovations and Trends
The most relevant and original research efforts in progress
in the paint value chain will be in the spotlight at Abrafa-
ti 2013, which will take place from September 16 to 18 at
Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo. All of the aspects
directly and indirectly related to product formulations are
contemplated by the program for the 13th International
Paint Congress, which will be a unique opportunity for
people to get to know and discuss the innovations of the
industry. From the papers to be presented by major experts
from all parts of the world, people will be able to anticipate
the paths leading to the paint of the future.
From dozens of papers received for review, the Science Com-
mittee for the Congress - consisting of professionals with
extensive experience and technical expertise - selected 72 for
oral presentation over the three days of the show (24 a day
in six auditoriums). Around 1,500 people are expected to at-
tend the Congress, which will show them the ways research
efforts are going and the latest developments contemplated
by the rich and diverse lecture program. The Poster Session,
with a few dozens of high-end papers, will build on the
technical contents of Abrafati 2013, while providing visitors
with an opportunity to interact with their authors.
Gaining more and more importance in the industry’s agen-
da, sustainability will be one of the key pillars of the Con-
gress, as various studies look into and propose new solutions
to paint production and performance issues. The program
will allow attendees to not only understand, but also discuss
new-generation paints and coatings.
One of the most current concepts that will be present in
virtually all papers is “eco-efficiency”, which refers to the
combination of economic and environmental performance.
This involves delivering products that meet the needs of
their users, while staying competitive and reducing environ-
mental impacts throughout their life cycle.
The rational use of raw material and energy, the search