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PAINT & PINTURA Julho 2013
as civil engineer at Almeida e Filho Terraplana-
gens, for which he built the highway connecting
Salto to Pilar do Sul, São Paulo, as well as bridges,
sea outfalls and other engineering works in Volta
Redonda, Rio de Janeiro,” says Antônio Alonso
Ribeiro’s daughter Beatriz Alonso.
In 1974, Alonso founded his construction com-
pany AAR Engenharia e Construções Ltda.,
headquartered in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo,
which initially focused on industrial facilities,
having the Votorantim group as its main custo-
mer. “In 1989, the company acquired a ceramics
plant located in the city of Campinas, São Paulo,
in order to turn it into a mineral beneficiation
plant. Thus was born Itatex Especialidades Mi-
nerais Ltda., where he developed, produced and
marketed his products and gained recognition in
the marketplace. In May 24, 2012 Imerys acqui-
red a controlling stake in Itatex, and so business
continues,” Beatriz says.
Waterborne Industrial Systems -
Innovative Solutions
The solutions from WEG Tintas include products
for trailers and farm implements. “We highlight
the following products: Wegester Hidro HPD 714,
a waterborne epoxy/acrylic ester resin-based self-
-priming coating for fast drying, good adhesion
and corrosion protection; Wegcril Hidro HPD 732,
a waterborne acrylic resin-based self-priming
coating for fast drying and corrosion protection;
and Wegseal Hidro EBD 735, a rubber-like wa-
terborne acrylic resin-based basecoat,” says WEB
Tintas’ chief executive officer Reinaldo Richter.
For application in the transformer segment,
WEG provides three products. “The Wegcril Hidro
TFD 734 waterborne acrylic resin-based self-
-priming coating, featuring short drying times
and great applicability; Acquastar PR Epoxy,
developed by the Stardur division, which is a two-
-component, waterborne epoxy primer featuring
high thickness, fast drying times, great resistan-
ce to extreme chemical attack conditions, lower
environmental impact and outstanding adhesion
to a wide variety of surfaces; and Acquastar HB/
HS 770, also developed by the Stardur division, a
high-thickness, high-solids waterborne polyure-
thane enamel featuring excellent gloss and color
retention and high resistance to extreme chemical attack condi-
tions,” Richter points out.
For the metalworking segment, WEG has recently launched a new
coating technology for sand-blasted steel and cast iron parts: Weg-
cril Hidro ERP 805. “It’s an acrylic primer that delivers very high
corrosion protection and employs proprietary technology to allow
for thicker coats. Also recently launched by WEG Tintas, Wegzinc
Hidro ERP 905 is a zinc ethyl silicate-based shop primer for appli-
cation on sheet steel,” Richter says.
To provide enhanced protection, WEG has invested in the develop-
ment of waterborne epoxy and polyurethane coatings that display
the same resistance values as their solvent-based competitors,
according to Richter. “Designed to provide protection comparable
to that of solvent-based epoxy coatings, such as N2630, Wegpo-
xi Hidro ERP 303 is a waterborne epoxy primer. In addition to its
protective properties, such as over 1,500 hours’ resistance under
salt-spray (240-320-micron coat), this product dries super fast
compared to solvent-based epoxy coatings, taking 30 minutes to
dry at 25°C, against the 16 hours taken by the N2630.”
Also available is Wegthane Hidro HPA 501, a high-gloss waterborne
polyurethane finish for industrial and protective applications that
require high weatherability.