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Julho 2013 PAINT & PINTURA
Industry Closes 1st Quarter
with Major Events
To close the first quarter of the year, Agnelo Editora held the 10th Paint & Pintura Coatings Technology and Management
Forum for the Southeast on June 5, at Hotel Pestana Rio Atlântica, in Rio de Janeiro. The event was a success yet again,
with 123 registered attendees and a special lecture program. The opening podium discussion on the theme “Industry Sce-
nario: Decorative Paint Market in Brazil/Southeast Region”was conducted by Amauri Fiani, a chemical engineer with post
graduate studies in marketing (FAAP and Fundação Getulio Vargas) and over 30 years of experience in the paint industry. It
was followed by technical lectures provided by representatives of key suppliers to the paint industry, such as Cabot, Evonik,
Intertank, Lonza, Makeni, Monte Pascoal, Sibelco andWana Química, and finally by the firm NovoFoco Consultoria, which
delivered a lecture entitled “All About Petrobras CRCC”.
With the mission of spreading knowledge and presenting lectures on technical and management-related themes for profes-
sionals of the paint industry all over the country, our publishing house will carry on with its forums during the second half.
In August, the forum will be held in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul and, in October, in Curitiba, Paraná.
The month of June saw other important events, such as the inauguration of the new board of directors of the São Paulo State
Union of Paint and Coatings Manufacturers, known for short in Portuguese as Sitivesp, which took place on June 18 in São
Paulo. Narciso Moreira Preto, the new chairman of the board, said that he intends to keep up the good work that the entity
has been doing, while expanding its actions to strengthen the industry. “I served as deputy chairman of the previous board,
and we had a very well-devised plan to get closer to other associations and unions, so that we could be stronger representa-
tives of our industry.” See all new members of the board of directors on pages 84.
Paint & Pintura Magazine also brings you two very special pieces: under “Chemical Distribution”, an exclusive interview with
Rubens Medrano, president of Associquim/Sincoquim (short in Portuguese for Brazilian Association of Chemical and Petro-
chemical Distributors and Union of São Paulo State Chemical and Petrochemical Wholesalers); and the article under “Tinting
Systems and Colorants”.
To conclude, we are deeply sorry announce that businessman and entrepreneur Antônio Alonso Ribeiro passed away last May.
As a way of acknowledging him as a great contributor of brilliant, transforming ideas to the paint industry, we pay tribute to
this professional in this issue. Learn about his history and the milestones of his career, especially at Itatex, where he devel-
oped, produced and marketed his products and gained recognition in the marketplace, from the article on page 56.
Lucélia Monfardini
10th Paint & Pintura Forum Held in Rio de
The 10th Paint & Pintura Coatings Technology and Manage-
ment Forum for the Southeast took place on June 5 at Hotel
Pestana Rio Atlântica, in Rio de Janeiro, with 123 registered
In his opening speech, Agnelo Editora’s chief executive offi-
cer stressed the mission of spreading knowledge and delive-
ring lectures on technical and management-related themes
for professionals of the paint industry all over the country.
“Our work has gained recognition from the industry. So
much so that we have succeeded in bringing together more
than a thousand professionals for the events we have held
in Brazil’s various regions.”
The forum proper began with a podium discussion on the
theme “Industry Scenario: Decorative Paint Market in Brazil/
Southeast Region,” conducted by Amauri Fiani, a chemi-
cal engineer with post graduation in marketing (FAAP and