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Julho 2013 PAINT & PINTURA
for more sustainable alternatives for all processes, the
caution required for potentially hazardous substances, the
minimization of waste, reuse and recycling practices, paint
durability and other related aspects are all key concerns
among professionals who think the future paths of the paint
industry and work towards finding the best solutions and
Innovations in raw materials will be addressed from various
angles, from the properties that they impart to paints and
coating to improvements in their production and use. Re-
search in this field also includes the search of new alter-
natives from renewable sources, including sugar-cane and
several oilseeds.
Likewise, new pigments - for industrial and automotive
coatings and decorative paints - have a guaranteed place
in the presentations, with developments that open new
horizons and ensure better results, while always featuring
improvements towards reducing environmental impacts.
The evolution in water-based systems in another trend that
draws attention in the selected papers. Technological inno-
vations in this field are constantly developed and have been
delivering major environmental improvements, without
prejudice to the performance of paints and coatings. This
is connected to another priority theme for the paint supply
chain, which is the reduction or elimination of VOC (Vola-
tile Organic Compounds) emissions, and highly relevant
breakthroughs continue taking place in this respect for both
water-based and solvent-based coatings.
Due to their innovative character, the various studies
relating to the radiation curing technology that will be
presented at a seminar specifically on this theme during
the Congress, in conjunction with RadTech South America,
are also worthy of note. The topics to be covered include
the transition to water-based UV coatings, which provide a
significant contribution to sustainability, while making the
application process much simpler by employing spray guns.
One other featured trend is that towards replacing mercury
lamps with LED ones.
Having participated in the review of papers sent by re-
searchers from all over the world in the course of all edi-
tions of the Congress, chemist Jorge Fazenda, technical
consultant to Abrafati, uses all of this experience to provide
an overview of the contents of this year’s presentations.
He points out that the trend towards papers focusing on
increasingly environmentally friendly products and pro-
cesses that enable products to meet the consumer, social and
market requirements is now firmly established. “Sustainabil-
ity is a key theme for the trade show, and the papers reflect
that. Among the major drivers of current research efforts
in connection with paints and coatings, we could highlight
the reduction of VOCs and the innovations in waterborne
systems, which come up in numerous studies,” he says, add-
ing that the applications of nano-technology continue to be
another important branch of the work done by professionals
engaged in thinking the paint of the future and making it
Sitivesp’s New Board Inaugurated
The new board of directors of the São Paulo State Union
of Paint and Coatings Manufacturers, known for short in
Portuguese as Sitivesp, was inaugurated on June 18 at a
ceremony held at the headquarters of the São Paulo State
Federation of Industries (FIESP, the initials in Portuguese).
Attendees included FIESP’s president Paulo Skaf, Abrafati’s
president Dilson Ferreira, Artesp’s president Chequer Buri-
han, and Sintirj’s vice president Carlos Aguiar.
In his speech, the new chairman Narciso Moreira Preto said
that he intends to carry on with the good work that has
been done, while expanding actions to strengthen the in-
dustry. “I served as deputy chairman of the previous board,
and we had a very well-devised plan to get closer to other
associations and unions, so that we could be stronger repre-
sentatives of our industry.”
Narciso sustained that the paint supply chain should unite
to get stronger and pointed out the need to further utilize
the strength of FIESP. “All we have to do is take a look at the
federation’s latest achievements. I feel we really can use this
support available from all of FIESP’s departments to find
solutions that will meet our needs.”
The chairman also highlighted the representativeness of the
new board. “Our directors are highly renowned in the paint
market, and we must utilize everyone’s potential in this new
board. All not to mention the union’s internal team, which
has proved greatly competent over the past few years.”
Tribute - Industry Mourns Major Player
Businessman and entrepreneur Antônio Alonso Ribeiro
passed away in the month of May. He was a professional
whose brilliant ideas transformed the paint industry.
A mining, metallurgy and civil engineer from the tra-
ditional Escola de Minas de Ouro Preto, Antônio Alonso
Ribeiro, born on November 16, 1941, was a pioneer and a
great entrepreneur engaged in the business of developing
functional minerals for the paint industry. “He started his
career in 1967 at a subsidiary of Cosipa Mineração Ferro e
Manganês, serving as mining engineer. In 1969, he worked